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Venice, FL Pest Control

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Pest Control in Venice, Florida

Located right on Florida’s Gulf Coast, you’ll find the beautiful city of Venice. This seaside town was named Coastal Living’s Best Places to Live on the Coast in 2020, and for a good reason! If you take a stroll down the charming main street, you’ll find a plethora of shopping and dining establishments and beautiful stately homes with 1920s architecture and character.

As the city is a beautiful destination with near-perfect weather year-round, it’s no wonder Venice is a top vacation destination. It's great for the city’s economy; however, visitors staying in vacation homes or hotel accommodations may notice one tiny little problem; spiders.

The spiders here in Venice come a dime a dozen, but that doesn’t mean they’re welcome on your property. At Bugs & Beyond, we’re your Sarasota county pest control, and we pride ourselves on being one of the few pest control companies that offer a 100% guarantee for spiders on your patio or lanai. 

To get your residential pest services started, give us a call today.

Residential Pest Control In Venice, Florida

Having bugs in and around your home can take the place you enjoy for peace and relaxation and turn it into the place you don’t want to be, especially with spiders. Not only are these pests scary looking, but their bites can pack a painful punch, depending on if you get bit by a particular species.

Here in Venice, you will be dealing with three particular species: wolf, redback, and orb-weaver spiders. The great news is that you won’t have to deal with them long. The moment you see a spider in or around your home, call Bugs & Beyond.

With our residential services, you can expect our treatment to begin with an inspection of your pool, patio, lanai, and other outdoor areas. We’re looking at patio furniture, checking for conducive conditions and other signs of activity. To treat, we use our specialized natural spider fogging service to ensure your outdoor living spaces are entirely spider-free.

Once treatment for your home is complete, we’ll discuss ongoing services to ensure your home remains spider-free. To learn more about what our residential services entail, give us a call today.

How Did These Wolf Spiders Get Into My Venice Home?

As their name suggests, wolf spiders got their name not just because of their grayish-brown color but also their predatory behavior. Wolf spiders are a predatory species of spiders that hunt their prey down. So if you’re seeing them in or around your property, it’s not for no reason.

Wolf spiders eat small insects like grasshoppers, crickets, ants, and flies. So if you’re noticing an influx of wolf spiders in or around your home, you may have another pest infestation happening around your house that you’re unaware of that needs treatment.

Check around your home for any cracks in your foundation or tears in window and door screens, as these are possible ways wolf spiders are entering your home. If you notice any easily accessible entry points for pests, it’s safe to say that spiders will soon follow. You’ll want to address any entry points you see, whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor.

For the ultimate in wolf spider control, call Bugs & Beyond today.

Orb Spiders: What To Do If You See Them In Venice

Essentially, if you see orb spiders around your Venice home, you’ll want to get in contact with Bugs & Beyond for safe and effective removal.

Orb spiders aren’t considered dangerous, however, just like most spiders, they can and will bite if they feel threatened, but this species of spider isn’t aggressive by nature. The bad news is that if you are bitten by one, their bites are painful. Still, they don’t have as potent venom as a black widow or brown recluse, so if they bite you, it’s nowhere near as severe as other dangerous spiders requiring immediate medical attention.

These spiders are typically found outdoors and can help if you have a garden by warding off destructive garden pests that ruin your plants. However, that doesn’t mean you want a house full of them. Not only do they produce webs to trap prey, but they are still spiders that will attack if they feel threatened, and a home overpopulated with orb spiders increases your risk of getting bit.

If you’re noticing more and more spider webs in your Venice home, call Bugs & Beyond for safe and effective spider removal services.

Can Venice's Red Back Spiders Be Dangerous?

Redback spiders are also called Australian black widows, and their venom is just as potent as the black widow. Redbacks produce necrotic venom, and if they bite you,  seek immediate medical attention. You’re most likely to find these spiders more in the summer than winter. You’ll likely find redbacks outdoors under rocks and shrubs. However, they’re known to make their way indoors, especially if you have other pests in your home (that you’re unaware of).

The venom of redbacks isn’t the only thing that makes them dangerous. A female redback can lay up to ten egg sacs, and each egg sac contains 250 eggs. If a single redback egg hatches in your home, an infestation can happen very quickly. As dangerous as these spiders are, an infestation of this species can make your home unsafe to continue living in until professional pest services have properly treated your home; this is when Bugs & Beyond comes into play.

At Bugs & Beyond, we not only have extensive years of experience in handling invasive and venomous spiders, but we also are one of the few companies that offer a 100% spider-free guarantee. There’s no spider infestation too big or too small for us. To maintain a spider-free home, call the pros at Bugs & Beyond. We’ll get the job done right the first time.