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Spider-Free Pool Cage In Naples, FL

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Make The Most Of Your Patio & Lanai With Bugs & Beyond

We’re proud to be one of the only companies with a 100% guarantee for spiders on your patio and lanai, our exclusive, natural spider fogging service will keep you spider-free year-round. Click to buy or take a look at our services below!

The Bugs & Beyond Spider Fogging Service

Bugs & Beyond starts every treatment visit with an inspection service of the pool, patio, and lanai. We will inspect your one or two-story pool enclosures for spiders, nests, webs, and any conducive conditions, as well as all the areas inside your patio and lanai.

Our technicians are proud to go the extra mile, inspecting all patio furniture, including:

  • Chairs
  • Lounge chairs
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Tables

To remove spiders as quickly and safely as possible, Bugs & Beyond uses a pet and kid-friendly organic treatment around all pool areas. We use a specialized backpack system to treat pool enclosures, windows, doors, and soffits for an added layer of protection. Additionally, we will use a specialized treatment on patio furniture to protect against pests without damaging your investment. Finally, we will also use our carefully vetted spider treatments on outdoor kitchens, helping to ensure a totally spider-free pool area.

Our Pool Enclosure Service Process


At Bugs & Beyond, we are proud to offer some of the best spider inspection and removal services for enclosed pool areas. We use a combination of experience and practical knowledge to uncover the root cause of your issue.


Our technicians use a variety of treatments to ensure your patio and lanai is safe from spiders. Treatment usually consists of liquid and mist applications around windows, doors, furniture, cross-beams, and outdoor kitchen areas.

Follow Up

We return every two months for a follow-up treatment for the safest enclosed pool area. Bimonthly services are available.

Bugs & Beyond Active Spider Prevention

Once we apply the treatments, we will move to active prevention. A Bugs & Beyond technician will sweep down webs and nests in the area and use liquids and mist treatments on all three sides of the cage's cross-beam. We will sweep down and remove any webs or eggs in the corners, or meshing around the area. This process will remove both adults and juvenile spider species.

Now that the entire spider treatment process is complete, the professionals at Bugs & Beyond will begin to enact our follow-up treatment regime. Within two weeks, we will return to the home to repeat all treatments, eliminating any juvenile spiders that hatch or were left behind. We will repeat this routine every two months to stay ahead of the breeding cycle. Our pros can repeat as early as every six weeks for an added layer of protection.

You can expect our experts to visit your home at least once every two months, but our professionals can easily provide more or fewer treatments depending on your unique needs. Please contact our Naples office to learn more about the Bugs & Beyond experience.

Make The Most Of Your Pool Enclosure With Bugs & Beyond

Are we feeling confident about our pool enclosure pest control services in Naples? It's time to take the next step. Bugs & Beyond offers a wide variety of treatment plans to fit your specific needs, and we're always here to help. Contact us today for a free quote on our residential spider control services; we promise you won't be disappointed!