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Sarasota, FL Pest Control

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Guaranteed Pest Control In Sarasota

With stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico, the city of Sarasota is one of Central Florida’s most desirable locations. The city is also home to botanical gardens, art museums, tons of opportunities for outdoor recreation, and the world-famous Siesta Key and Lido beaches. With a booming population of both year-round and seasonal residents and a local climate that is primarily warm and humid, pest problems take place regularly in homes. At Bugs & Beyond, we have made it our priority to deliver the finest pest control in the area. We provide thorough services that tend to every aspect of your home, and all of the product applications that we make are safe for people, their pets, and the environment. Every Sarasota County pest control service that we offer comes with our pest-free guarantee, no ifs, ants, or bugs. We promise to always be honest, fair, and reliable during our work with you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how they can benefit your home.

Residential Pest Control In Sarasota

When pest problems happen in your Sarasota home, they can be very risky for your health, cause serious property damage, and develop into more if they’re not dealt with properly. At Bugs & Beyond, we are proud to be a locally-owned and operated pest control company that serves our community. Established in 2010, we have always prioritized the needs of our customers, and it’s our mission to exceed expectations throughout your time with us. We focus on customer satisfaction and provide reliable service and support for every household. Whether your needs involve general pest control, termite prevention, rodent exclusion, or mosquito-proofing your property, we have the answers for you. Please call us today to learn more about our residential pest control offerings. 

How to Prevent Orb Spiders In Your Sarasota Home

Orb spiders are typically some combination of yellow and black and are known for spinning wheel-shaped webs around your Sarasota home.

To keep these pests from becoming an issue for you, try these tips:

  • Keep bushes and shrubs around your property trimmed.
  • Remove lawn and greenery clippings from the yard as well as leaf piles.
  • Get rid of cobwebs.
  • Use bleach and lavender cleaning products to disinfect your home.
  • Prevent other pests by maintaining a hygienic living environment.
  • Seal up any openings around your home with silicone-based caulk and weather stripping. 
  • Contact your local pest control specialist for yearly pest control services.

For orb spider protection, contact Bugs & Beyond today. 

Simple & Effective Red Back Spiders Control Tips For Your Sarasota Property

The redback spider, otherwise known as the Australian black widow, is a highly venomous spider that could present itself on your Sarasota property.

To keep this from happening, try the following tips:

  • Clean off outdoor furniture regularly.
  • Address leaky downspouts, outdoor plumbing, and hoses.
  • Clear away any leaf piles, fallen tree branches, and other yard debris.
  • Remove spider webs as you notice them.
  • Inspect outdoor gear before bringing it to the garage or a shed.
  • Keep crawl spaces well ventilated.
  • Use dehumidifiers in places like closets and storage spaces.
  • Contact a local pest control company for year-round support.

To learn more about your redback spider control options, contact Bugs & Beyond today. 

Why Are There Wolf Spiders In My Sarasota Home?

The wolf spider, identified by its oversized features, comes equipped with chunky legs, big eyes, and a bulbous body. They can become a huge nuisance in your Sarasota home, and if you’ve ever wondered why that’s the case, here’s what you need to know. Similar to other pests, wolf spiders are known as accidental intruders. When temperatures in the area begin to cool down, they wander around searching for food. Something as simple as having cracks in your foundation, gaps around your door frames, or windows without screens can be enough to lure them inside. The food they are typically searching for may include moths, flies, and other flying insects. The area around your home may also be attracting wolf spiders to your property. They tend to thrive in grassy and leafy areas, making your yard a prime spot for them and acting as a bridge inside your home. To keep wolf spiders from becoming an issue for you, the best thing you can do is seek professional assistance from Bugs & Beyond. We Provide homeowners with year-round wolf spider control that addresses these pests and the pests that they eat. All of our services utilize the safest products and are guaranteed to work. For more information on keeping these pests out of your home, contact us today.