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Port Charlotte, FL Pest Control

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Pest Control In Port Charlotte, FL

Port Charlotte is one of the top ten places to retire in Florida and at the north end of the Charlotte Harbor Estuary. Port Charlotte has a warm and humid subtropical climate with long hot and humid summers, frequent rain, and mild temperatures year-round. This makes it not just a haven for retirees but also for countless pests. If you are looking for Charlotte County pest control that you can trust to keep spiders and other pests out of your pool enclosure and away from your home, call on the experts at Bugs & Beyond. We have what it takes to rid your property of pests. Call today to find out more about our services. 

Residential Pest Control In Port Charlotte

When you enlist the help of home pest control in Port Charlotte from Bugs & Beyond, you can expect full service treatment of your pool, patio, and lanai. We are one of the only companies around that offer a 100% guarantee for a spider-free patio courtesy of our natural spider fogging service. At Bugs & Beyond, every service begins with an inspection that includes outdoor kitchens, patio furniture, and other patio elements. We offer a special backpack system to treat pool enclosures, windows, doors, and soffits for extra protection as well as screen repair and power washing. Bugs & Beyond will take care of your concerns and leave you pest-free – no ifs, ants, or bugs… guaranteed!

How Orb Spiders Could Have Gotten Into Your Port Charlotte Home

If you begin to notice classic-looking spider webs that span upwards of two feet in diameter, it’s likely that orb spiders have gotten into your home. These arachnids feed on small insects and generally enter homes in search of this pest prey. They are often found around light fixtures at night where moths and other insects tend to gather.

Orb spiders enter homes much the same way as other pests in Port Charlotte. Often there are cracks in exterior walls or the foundation that allow these pests inside. Windows and doors can sometimes have gaps around the edges that let these pass through. Occasionally orb weavers or other spiders might be brought inside on a potted plant or some other object from the yard.

Orb weaver spiders lay their eggs in the fall, and these eggs emerge in the spring. One orb weaver egg sac can hold over 700 eggs, so not many individuals need to make it into your home in order for a full blown spider infestation to arise. Luckily, orbweavers are not aggressive and only react when they are provoked. Protect your home from orb weavers and other nuisance spiders with help from Bugs & Beyond.

Are Wolf Spiders In Port Charlotte Dangerous?

There are over 100 species of wolf spiders throughout the United States and Canada and Port Charlotte homes are often targets for wolf spider infestations. Luckily, for as menacing as they look, wolf spiders are not dangerous to people. Large and hairy wolf spiders are often mistaken for tarantulas but have a distinctive eye pattern with their eight eyes arranged in two rows. They grow to be up to 1 ⅜ inches long with stout bodies and long spiny legs.

Inside wolf spiders stick close to the ground along walls and under furniture, while outside you can often find them under stones, firewood, leaves, or other debris. They like to stay in sheltered areas throughout the day and then emerge at night to hunt down their prey on foot. While these spiders can be intimidating to look at and dangerous for their insect prey, they are not a threat to people or pets in Port Charlotte. However, just because they aren’t dangerous doesn’t mean you’ll want them in your home. To get rid of wolf spiders and other pests, call the professionals at Bugs & Beyond.

How To Keep Pests Out Of My Pool Enclosure In Port Charlotte

If you want to keep your outdoor areas usable and your pool cages free of spiders, Bugs & Beyond has the treatments you are after. We provide treatments for both one and two-story pool enclosures as well as screen repairs and power washing.

Our special organic treatment allows us to treat around your pool and patio area without any danger to your home or family. Our goal is to be the premier servicer of pool enclosures in the Englewood area and as such we are highly focused on making sure your pool area stays free of spiders.

This dedication makes us experts in the area of spider control. Our treatments include:

  • Inspections to uncover the root cause of your issue.
  • Treatments to ensure that your patio and lanai are safe from spiders.
  • Follow up services every two months to ensure your pool enclosure remains spider free. 

Once we’ve taken care of all the active spider populations on your property we shift our focus to preventing future issues by sweeping down webs and nests, using liquids and mists, and removing eggs. We have a wide variety of plans available, call today to request a free quote on spider control services for your home and find out more about what Bugs & Beyond can offer you and your family.