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Estero, FL Pest Control

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Reliable Pest Control In Estero, FL

With scenic waterfront views and a comfortable climate, the western Florida village of Estero is a place where seasonal and year-round residents call home. Estero is packed with golf courses, water activities, parks, and many opportunities for both leisure and adventure. The village is also home to many well-regarded eateries and shopping plazas that have everything. Unfortunately, along with this relaxing pace of life comes countless pest problems as a result of the climate.

At Bugs & Beyond, we recognize the need homeowners have for pest control services that they can trust. Since 2010, we have been proudly serving our community through fair and honest work. All of the services that we provide utilize products that are safe for people and pets, and will provide lasting relief from the pests around your home. For more information on how reliable pest control can work to protect your Lee County home, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Estero

Your Estero home is your haven, and it’s the place where you come to unwind and forget the day’s worries. But when pest invasions happen, that peace is disrupted. At Bugs & Beyond, we work closely with homeowners to address all of their pest concerns in the safest way possible. We combine our 10 years of experience and local familiarity to use when treating any sort of issue that you might encounter. Whether that means general pest control, mosquito services, rodent control, or termite control, we are your one-stop shop for complete protection from pests.  At Bugs & Beyond, we promise to always provide the highest quality work, use products that are safe for the entire household, and be honest and fair in our pricing. Our exceptional customer support is always there for you so that you’re never alone in pest problems again. For more information on residential pest control, contact us today.

How To Prevent Orb Spider Infestations In Estero Homes

The orb spider is a common visitor to Estero homes and is most easily identified by the extensive wheel-like webs that it spins. This species of spider can also be noted by its distinct yellow coloring and striped appendages. It is predominantly active at night, which is how it goes undetected by so many homeowners. In order to prevent orb spiders from becoming an issue, try these tips:

  • Trim hedges and trees on a routine basis.
  • Remove decaying leaves and other brush from the yard.
  • Look for leaky gutters, spigots, and roofs regularly.
  • Reduce hiding spots in gardens by practicing pruning.
  • Limit the number of flying insects in the yard like flies and mosquitoes.

For the most reliable protection from orb spiders, look no further than Bugs & Beyond. All of our treatments are effective yet safe for the entire household and we stand by our work. For more information on orb spider control, contact us today. 

Are There Redback Spiders In Estero?

The community of Estero is regarded as a peaceful place to live; however, there are countless pests that seek to disrupt daily life. One of the most common pests that resides in the area is the redback spider. This species is also known as the Australian black widow and can be identified by its glossy black exterior, bulbous abdomen, spindly legs, and various red patterns on its back. The redback spider is of particular concern for residents because its bite is considered highly venomous, which can leave people with severe allergic reactions that require professional medical attention. Their prevalence is particularly increased during the warm summer months, so locals should be particularly cautious then. 

 At Bugs & Beyond, we provide homeowners with safe solutions to the dangerous redback spiders that threaten their health and well-being. With routine care, our team of expert technicians will be able to eradicate any current activity and keep future issues at bay. For more information on redback spider control, contact us today.

Three Things You Are Doing That Allow Wolf Spiders To Invade Your Estero Home

Whether you’re aware of it or not, there are three things you might be doing to attract wolf spiders into your Estero home. Those include:

  1. Not sealing up your foundation and the exterior of your home. Wolf spiders are masters at slipping through the cracks around your home that you might not even notice, which makes filling them with materials like caulk and weatherstripping very important. 
  2. Having water issues. This species of spider is easily lured inside homes due to an excess of moisture, humidity problems, and leaks. Check for these issues on a regular basis and rectify them where necessary. 
  3. Allowing for an untidy home. One of the most common reasons why wolf spiders find your home attractive is because of other pests, and those pests tend to find homes that have clutter, crumbs, and a lack of hygiene.

At Bugs & Beyond, we provide the ultimate protection from wolf spiders so that you never have to be concerned with their dangerous ways. For more information on wolf spider control, contact us today.