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Bonita Springs, FL Pest Control

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Reliable Pest Control In Bonita Springs, FL

Established in 1999, the town of Bonita Springs, FL, is known as the “Gateway to the Gulf of Mexico”. Located between Fort Myers and Naples, Bonita Springs is home to lovely Gulf Coast beaches, embodying all the beauty that Southwest Florida has to offer. Not so beautiful, however, is the presence of local pest populations. While there are many pests in the area, we deal specifically with spider. These intruders put Bonita Springs homes and businesses at risk for spider infestation, and the best way to protect yourself is to contact your local pest experts. 

Welcome to Bugs & Beyond, your go-to source for quality Lee County pest control. Our family owned, and operated company provides complete protection from spider activity. We specialize in caring for your pool cage, and our team is highly focused on making sure your pool area is free of spiders. Call us today for comprehensive pool enclosure solutions.

Residential Pest Control In Bonita Springs

The team at Bugs & Beyond provides residential pest control and pool enclosure services that Bonita Springs homeowners can rely on. We’ve serviced over 120 homes in the area, using a tried and true process that includes the following:


  • Looking around the pool area to detect spiders, nests, webs, etc. 
  • Checking soffits of the home that are near the pool, and windows and doors 
  • All patio furniture including tables, chairs, lounge chairs, etc.
  • Checking both one or two story pool enclosures and outdoor kitchens


  • Organic treatment around your pool and patio area that don’t endanger your home, family, or pets. 
  • Treatments for one and two story pool enclosures, and patio furniture including tables, and outdoor kitchens
  • Backpack system to treat the pool enclosures, windows, doors, soffits around the pool area
  • Specialized treatment on the patio furniture that will not damage the furniture
  • Exterior kitchen treatment to ensure a spider-free pool area. 
  • Sweeping down all webs and nests in the area 

We use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies to bring you ongoing protection you can count on. Contact us today to request your customized service quote.

Orb Spider Prevention Tips For Bonita Springs Residents

Orb spiders are known for they yellow and black bodies and thin, striped legs. They spin orb-shaped webs, which is what they’re named after. They usually inhabit garages and other remote areas around your home. If you want to protect yourself, it’s key to be as proactive as possible.

Here are some orb spider prevention tips for Bonita Springs residents:

  • Install or repair window and door screens.
  • Keep other bugs away from the home.
  • Keep trash in tightly sealed containers.
  • Keep yard and vegetation neat and well-trimmed.
  • Remove easily accessible food sources.
  • Use cedar products around the house to deter spiders.

For guaranteed protection from orb spiders, reach out to the experts at Bugs & Beyond. Our customized orb spider control treatments give you dependable protection from infestation and the consequences that comes with it.

Why Am I Seeing So Many Red Back Spiders In My Bonita Springs Home?

Also referred to as the Australian black widow, red back spiders can be identified by their four sets of long legs, a glossy black exterior, and a red or orange stripe stamped across their bulbous abdomen. If you’re wondering why you’re seeing red back spider in your Bonita Springs home, there are a number of factors to consider. 

They tend to inhabit the dark, dry places within a home and are typically in search of other pests to eat. That means if you’re experiencing any other pest activity in your home, you are also at risk for attracting red back spiders and other spider species to your property.

Red back spider bites are venomous, and they can cause a variety of symptoms such as experience shortness of breath, localized swelling, and nausea. The best way to keep red back spiders out of your home is to get in touch with your local pest professionals. Contact the team at Bugs & Beyond today for more information on redback spider control, we’re eager to help.

A Quick Guide To Wolf Spider Prevention For Your Bonita Springs Home

Wolf spiders are common area pests that are usually black or dark brown with camouflage yellow-striped markings on their body. They have robust, stout bodies covered in hair, and eight eyes places in three distinct rows. As primarily nocturnal pests, they hunt at night and early morning, catching their prey (insects and crop pests). The best approach to controlling wolf spiders is to be as proactive as possible in your prevention efforts.

Here’s a quick guide to wolf spider prevention for your Bonita Springs home:

  • Examine weather stripping and replace if damaged.
  • Keep home clean and reduce clutter.
  • Keep the exterior/porch lights off.
  • Keep vegetation at least 5 ft from the home.
  • Reduce excess moisture around the property.
  • Replace outside bulbs with yellow, insect-resistant bulbs.
  • Thoroughly dust, sweep, vacuum on a regular basis.
  • Use caulk or foam to seal up cracks and crevices.

If you want to secure year-round protection from wolf spiders and other local species, contact the team at Bugs & Beyond. We’re here to address all your spider control and prevention needs.