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Why Spiders Are A Common Problem For Pool Cages In Englewood

April 22, 2022 - Spiders

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Unlike most of the country, we can enjoy our backyard pools year-round, and that perk alone makes Florida a great place to enjoy the fun and the sun. Due to recent hurricanes, however, there has been a noticeable increase in spiders occupying pool cages. If spiders in your pool enclosure are damping your fun in the sun, you need to contact our team at Bugs & Beyond

Habits And Behaviors Of Spiders Common In Englewood

Common spiders likely to be inhabiting your pool cage are wolf, water, black widow, and brown widow spiders. The following are the habits and behaviors of the spiders likely to be in your pool cage:

  • Wolf spiders: These dark brown spiders are attracted to your pool cage for prey, which they chase down. They reside where the pool cage connects to the concrete. A wolf spider will only bite if you try to handle it. 
  • Fishing Spiders: These brownish-grey spiders are often confused with wolf spiders due to the similarities in size, color, and shape. Like wolf spiders, they chase down their prey. They run from humans, and if they were to bite, the pain is similar to a bee sting. 
  • Black Widows: These black spiders are identifiable by the two red triangles that meet to create an hourglass appearance on their abdomen. Unlike wolf spiders, black widows build webs; the webs they construct are close to the ground. A black widow spider will bite, and its venom can cause nausea, sweating, increased blood pressure, and other symptoms.
  • Brown Widows: These spiders are smaller than the black widow, and they have a tannish brown body with a geometric pattern on the back (dorsal) side of the abdomen. The legs of these spiders have bands of black and brown. Like their cousins, they are venomous, but their venom is not as toxic. Fortunately, brown widow spiders are docile and prefer to flee from danger. 

Although these spiders will not attack you while enjoying a swim, you still want to get rid of pool spiders. The last thing you want to do is step on a black or brown widow when exiting your pool after a midnight swim. 

The Many Problems With Spiders Hanging Around Your Pool

Problems with these spiders inhabiting your pool cage include:

  • Suffering a bite from a venomous spider may result in medical consequences. 
  • Creating an atmosphere of fear, thereby losing the joy of owning a pool. 
  • Placing pets at risk who enjoy being in your presence when swimming.

You want your pool experience to be relaxing and carefree, and the presence of spiders can ruin your time in the pool.

Factors That Attract Spiders To Your Pool

If you wonder why are there spiders in the pool cage, here are some answers to your question. For example, black widows are active at 70℉ or higher and are attracted to the warmth of the pool area. Brown widows prefer protected environments to build their nests, and a pool cage is a perfect fit. Fishing spiders prefer areas of high moisture that are calm ( pools and ponds). These arachnids hunt insects that land on the water and, unlike the other spiders previously mentioned, can submerge underwater for significant periods. 

The attraction for all spiders in the pool area is food. The presence of ants, flies, moths, mosquitos, and other spiders, combined with warmth and shelter, make pool cages an attractive location.

The Best Way To Protect Your Pool Enclosure From Spiders

The following are suggestions for sealing off access points to protect yourself against an infestation of spiders in your pool area:

  • Repair or replace broken panels or screen doors.
  • Eliminate gaps under the doors by replacing or adding door sweeps.
  • Fix or add weather stripping. 
  • Caulk gaps where the pool cage connects to the home structure.
  • Remove plants from the pool area. 
  • Clean the pool regularly to prevent any vegetation growth. 

To ensure your pool cage stays spider-free, contact us at Bugs & Beyond. We will solve your spider problem so you can enjoy relaxing swims in your pool.