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Why A Pool Enclosure Is A Great Idea For Englewood Pools

February 08, 2022 - Pool Care

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Why do people spend more time indoors during the blistering months of summer? They do this to stay cool. As a general rule, if going outside makes a person feel more uncomfortable, they usually prefer to stay indoors; this is also true with pests. If you own a pool that you would like to enjoy but can't because of pests, we have some things you should know. Here is everything you should know about pool enclosures and how to keep them free of Englewood's toughest pests.

The Sleek Design & Added Privacy Of A Pool Cage

You have probably seen them while driving around town. Pool cages are a commodity for many locals. As technology has advanced, more and more options have become available for building them. If you have a small pool area and are looking for basic protection, affordable options are as low as $2,000. However, be careful with this. There is a point where savings turns into unreliability. We recommend finding a good mid-tier option and making sure to pick a reliable installer. Pool enclosures are usually built of screen mesh, polycarbonate, or glass. Each of these materials provides a different level of protection and affects the outdoor feel differently. If you have the opportunity to, visit friends with pool enclosures and test them for yourself before deciding on one for your property.

Keep Your Pool Area Safe & Protected For Kids & Pets

One of the biggest benefits of owning a pool enclosure is protection. Now, this protection comes in more ways than one. To start, pool enclosures help reduce pest problems. They add an extra barrier that deters invasive creatures like mosquitoes, spiders, and raccoons. An enclosure is not, however, a foolproof solution to pests, but we will talk more about this later. If you buy a pool enclosure with a shaded roof, it will help reduce temperatures inside. If you would rather swim in 100-degree conditions, then we recommend looking into this option.

Keep Pests, Wildlife, & Other Contaminants Out Of Your Pool

Although enclosures naturally help deter pests, they are not a perfect solution, and why we recommend combining your newly installed pool enclosure with a high-quality pest control. A plan usually involves non-invasive and natural patio furniture treatments and targeted protective sprays. At Bugs & Beyond, we offer detailed plans to aid locals in protecting their outdoor pool enclosure. Our services start with a thorough inspection which allows us to assess pest pressures on your property. We will then eliminate any invasive pests we find, like wasps, spiders, and beetles. We follow this with a targeted perimeter treatment around your enclosure's exterior. We recommend a service plan that involves treatment reapplication for year-round protection. This reapplication gets ahead of pest breeding and reinforces the protective barrier.

Call Today To Learn More About The Benefits Of Pool Enclosures

One thing you should know about pest control in Englewood is that not every company provides the same level of service; you should look for a pest-free guarantee and quality customer service. Our home pest control programs in Englewood provide both of these at Bugs & Beyond. As our name suggests, we will not just handle your pool's pest problems; we will take the extra steps to meet all your needs.

Call today to find out more about our pool enclosure protection plans or if you have any questions about invasive area pests.