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What To Do About Excessive Spider Webs Around Your Outdoor Spaces In Englewood

April 19, 2022 - Spiders

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There is nothing scarier than reaching into a corner to get an item only to have your hand entangled in a sticky spider web. Compounded with the gross feeling of a spider web on you is that Florida is home to venomous spiders. Fear can easily grip you when you feel the web on your hand or face.

Don't live life in fear of spiders, especially near your pool, patio, or lanai. Instead, let Bugs & Beyond, the pool cage service professionals handle your spider situation.

Types Of Spiders That Commonly Spin Webs In Englewood 

Orb spiders are in Englewood and are known for their circular-shaped webs. There are over 2,800 species in the orb weaver family worldwide, and about 180 species reside in North America. As one might expect from the third-largest family of spiders, there are a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of spiders in this vast family. The following are orb weaver spiders found outdoors in Englewood:

  • Garden Orb Weaver: These reddish-brown spiders have a triangular-shaped, fat, leaf-shaped abdomen.
  • Spiny Orb Weaver: This spider has six pointed spines protruding from its yellow or white abdomen. Due to its crustacean-looking shell, this brightly colored spider is sometimes called a crab spider.
  • Mabel Orchard Orb Weaver: These spiders in Florida have an abdomen with a shiny dorsal (back) side and a green and yellow speckled ventral or topside. 

There are too many types of orb weaver spiders listed; however, the easiest way to identify an orb weaver spider is by its web. Orb weavers create round webs with threads radiating in a wheel-like fashion from the center. When you think of a classic spider web, you are likely visualizing an orb weaver type of spider. 

Another group of spiders in Englewood is the widow spiders. Widow spiders are common spiders in Florida and include:  

  • Brown Widow
  • Southern Black Widow
  • Northern Black Widow
  • Red Widow

Widow spiders build messy webs, and the brown widow's web is no exception. Brown widows create their webs in dark, secluded spaces such as mailboxes, entryways, and old tires. Southern black widows also create irregularly shaped webs, but they tend to build webs near the ground. Northern black widows create erratic webs in wood or stone piles, corners of garages, or sheds. Unlike the perfectly round webs of orb weaver spiders, a red widow's web looks like a sheet with tripwires.

Some Spiders Are More Dangerous Than Others

The widow spider is the poisonous spider of the two spiders mentioned above. The result of a bite from an orb weaver spider is akin to a bee sting. Unless you have a severe allergic reaction to bites, you may experience numbness or swelling at the location, but the mild pain will subside quickly. 

Widow spiders are among the most dangerous spiders in the United States due to their highly toxic venom. The severity of your reaction depends upon the type of widow spider. For example, the black widow spider produces more poison than a brown widow resulting in a stronger response. 

Common symptoms from a widow spider bite include: 

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Cramps
  • Pain
  • Sweating
  • Muscle Spasms

Widow spiders are the most dangerous spider in the Englewood area. When you see an erratic, messy web in a dark corner, do not put reach into the space without taking proper precautions.

The Hassle With Do-It-Yourself De-webbing 

There are many suggestions for eliminating spider webs in your garage, shed, or other places on your Englewood property. Tips for removing spider webs range from vacuuming to creating solutions using vinegar or citrus. While these techniques will get rid of spider webs, they will not resolve your spider issue unless you remove the eggs. Furthermore, if the spider eludes you during the web destruction, it will create another web. 

The Best Way To Keep Your Outdoor Spaces Spider Web-Free

Prevention is always the first step to keeping spiders under control, but many times this isn't enough. Bugs & Beyond has pool cage, patio, and lanai solutions for the area spiders.

If you want to get rid of spiders outside, secure our team at Bugs & Beyond. Contact us, and we will resolve your spider situation.