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The Secret To Spider-Free Pool Cage In Naples

April 25, 2023 - Spiders

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Pool cages are a popular choice for many Florida homeowners. They are a great way to keep you and your family safe from harmful bugs. While these cages are usually an effective way to keep unwanted creatures away from your pool, there are occasions when you may see some spiders inside the cage.

At Bugs & Beyond, our Naples pest control specialists have seen several instances where spiders have gotten inside a pool cage. Our extensive experience has allowed us to easily determine the problem and come up with a customized solution.

Does Killing A Spider Around Your Pool Attract More Spiders?

When you see a spider around your swimming pool area, your first thought may be to kill it. However, if you do not dispose of the dead spider's carcass, you could inadvertently attract more spiders to the area. 

Spiders are solitary creatures that usually live and hunt alone. They are also carnivores that prefer to eat live insects. While some species are known to eat other spiders, they usually like to eat all of their prey while it is alive. When a dead spider is left on the ground, it is not the dead body itself that attracts other spiders. Instead, the spider is attracted to the ants and other insects that come to eat the dead spider. You should always dispose of any dead spiders that you see around your pool.

Some Spider Bites Are More Dangerous Than Others

The wolf spider is a large spider that can grow to be over an inch long. Its hairy body and long, spiky legs make it look rather intimidating. However, this type of spider is known as one of the gentle giants of the spider family. It is not aggressive toward people. They are capable of biting, but this usually only happens if they feel extremely threatened.

The black widow spider, on the other hand, is considered to be dangerous. These small spiders have black and shiny bodies that feature a bright red hourglass shape on the underside of their abdomen. This spider is venomous, and you should seek medical attention if you believe you have been bitten by a black widow spider. 

Six Natural Spider Prevention Tips For Your Pool Cage

If you want to keep all spiders out of your pool cage, some of the things that you can try include:

  1. Don't leave food or drinks outside that may attract other insects that spiders consider prey.
  2. Check the surface where the pool enclosure meets the house and ensure there are no gaps between the two structures.
  3. Check around the door and other areas to make sure there are no gaps or openings.
  4. If there is even a small hole in the screen, repair it immediately.
  5. Reduce the number of plants and patio furniture that you keep around.
  6. Replace any weather stripping that looks worn or torn.

To get rid of a spider problem around your pool, you first need to figure out how they are getting into your pool enclosure in the first place. Once you fix that problem, you will be able to prevent them from hanging around. 

Quality Pest Control Makes The Best Spider Control For Outdoor Spaces

If you want to keep all spiders out of your Naples pool cage, give us a call today. At Bugs & Beyond, we have years of spider control experience dealing with all of the sneaky and creepy spiders common in this area. We can eliminate them from your pool area for good.