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The Key To Keeping Your Englewood Patio Spider-Free

August 30, 2022 - Spiders

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Spiders are the pest that most Englewood homeowners never want to deal with around their property. Sadly, spiders in Englewood are relatively common home and yard invaders, which is a concern for the many people afraid of them. Spiders are small enough to infest porches, patios, and yards and then make their way inside homes through tiny cracks and crevices.

So, when you're trying to enjoy your patio space during the summer, you want to ensure you don't have any spiders causing problems and sneaking indoors. Find out how to get effective spider control from Bugs & Beyond, LLC professionals.

The Types Of Spiders You Would Find On Your Patio

While spiders might look and act scary, they are surprisingly harmless. There are two spider species in the entire country considered medically significant to humans; the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider. The black widow is dark black with a red hourglass marking. Of these two, you're only likely to find the black widow spider around your patio, and even then, the harmless species are much more frequent.

Some of the harmless spiders in the area include wolf spiders and orb-weaver spiders. The wolf spider is primarily brown with black and gray markings. They are rather large and have hairy legs. On the other hand, the orb-weaver spider is very bulbous in shape and can almost look beautiful with its various patterns and bright colors.

The spiders in the area have fangs and venom, but they don't have potent enough venom to harm you or most pets. Instead, they are just a dangerous risk to bugs living around your yard. 

Where Spiders Can Be Hiding On And Around Your Patio

Most spiders are less than an inch long, and they can slip through gaps and holes that you wouldn't even notice. They love humid and dark areas, so it is ideal anywhere that's a bit out of the way. They often hide under eaves, between siding slats, or around patio furniture. These hiding spots allow them to build webs and wait for their insect prey to get close.

Rooting Spiders Out Of Their Hiding Space On Your Patio

If you think you have spiders around your property, you might look to get DIY pest control services. But, these attempts are rarely successful. Unfortunately, to remove spiders, you also need to remove their prey.

The reason spiders are invading your patio and property is that they are hunting down insects. You'll need to address the spider infestation and the insect infestation, so doing so independently usually results in wasted time and money. However, professional Englewood pest control services can root out spiders and keep them from returning.

Spider Control For Patios In Englewood Made Easy

Spider control might seem nearly impossible, but it's not if you get help from professionals. At Bugs & Beyond, LLC, we get rid of spiders straight to the source. We will place treatments around the patio areas, such as around the furniture and exterior walls. Then, we will perform follow-up visits to make sure no spiders are left. We don't just address your patio; we will also treat the entire property and exterior of the home.

Discover more about preventing and removing Englewood spiders by giving our team a call today.