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The Key To Keeping Spiders Away From Your Pool Enclosure In Englewood

March 10, 2023 - Spiders

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Most people know that spiders keep insects like ants, flies, and mosquitoes from overrunning our gardens and homes by eating them. Even though we know this, some of us still find it impossible to avoid sleeping with free-range spiders under our roofs.

The good news is that there are numerous strategies for eliminating spiders. Arachnids are persistent pests that do not give up easily, but Englewood pest control specialists' spider control methods put up an even better fight.

If you're battling different types of spiders in your Englewood home, contact Bugs & Beyond for the ultimate in spider control. No ifs, ants, or bugs about it!

The Types Of Spiders That Live In Englewood

Some of the Florida spiders that live in Englewood are more dangerous than others. If you suspect a spider infestation, it's critical to identify the invading pest, whether small or large and venomous or non-venomous. Here are a few common spiders native to Englewood. 

  • Orb weavers: There are different types of orb-weaving spiders worldwide, except for the Arctic and Antarctic. These spiders are large, noticeable, and quite colorful. They wait for nearby prey to become entangled in their elaborate webs as they spin them in the garden in concentric circles. Because orb weavers typically have poor vision, they must locate and recognize prey using web vibrations.
  • Redback spiders: All property owners must be aware of redback spiders, also referred to as Australian black widows. They have neurotoxic venom that can have detrimental effects, just like the black widow. They are among the more threatening spider species to be aware of because their venomous bite can result in severe health problems and excruciating pain.
  • Wolf spiders: Wolf spiders are widespread throughout Florida, and you find them almost everywhere. These spiders hunt their prey using their keen vision rather than weaving webs. Adult wolf spiders can reach lengths of an inch or more, making them a sizeable species.

Contact Bugs & Beyond for an inspection immediately if you find any of these spiders in your home or to ensure your house won't become vulnerable to an infestation.

Why Spiders Like To Live In Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures naturally draw spiders because they thrive there. Black widow spiders, for example, are active at temperatures of 70°F or higher and drawn to the pool area's warmth. All spiders in the pool area are attracted to food, making pool cages desirable due to the mosquitoes, flies, ants, moths, and other spiders that live there and the warmth and shelter they provide. 

Call Bugs & Beyond for effective spider removal from your pool enclosure.

How Spiders Find Their Way Into Pool Cages

Pool enclosures are no different from your home; it's simply an extension of your home. Therefore, pool enclosures will be very accessible to spiders if there are cracks between the pool enclosure and the house, openings under the screen doors, or weather stripping.

If you’re noticing more and more spiders in your pool cage, contact Bugs & Beyond for safe spider control services.

Professional Spider Control Formulated For Englewood Homes

Calling in a pest control expert is your safest and best bet for getting rid of spiders and keeping them away if they have taken over your home. When there is a spider infestation, keeping spiders out of and away from your Englewood home takes constant work. 

When these troublesome pests have gotten out of hand, don't hesitate to call Bugs & Beyond today for assistance in removing unwanted spiders safely and effectively!