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The Key To Fully Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Spaces In Englewood

April 30, 2022 - Spiders

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The joy of being outdoors in the fresh warm air as a nice breeze blows over you is refreshing. Outdoor spaces include the yard, a deck, a porch, or a swimming pool. No matter where you live in Englewood, you have at least one of these, if not more, types of outdoor locations. Our team at Bugs & Beyond, LLC in Englewood is here so you can maximize the enjoyment of your outdoor space.

The Joys Of Spending Time In Your Favorite Outdoor Spaces 

There is nothing like enjoying a barefoot walk on the grass and admiring the flowers. Sipping tea on the porch while watching children play in the sprinkler brings a smile. Your summer days and evenings may be spent in the pool or working on a tan. 

The main enjoyment of being outdoors in the summer is relaxation. The last thing anyone wants is to have a summer day ruined by spiders outside. 

How Creepy Spiders Can Take The Joy Out Of Your Outdoor Spaces

Spiders outside the house can take the joy out of your outdoor spaces in many ways. Spider webs are unsightly and upsetting. No one wants to watch a spider catching its prey, nor do you want to walk into a web while on your porch. 

Spiders in Florida include poisonous spiders like the brown, black, and red widow spiders. Bites from one of these spiders can result in nausea, excessing sweating, cramps, high blood pressure, and pain. A wound from these venomous spiders can turn a relaxing day into a trip to the emergency room. 

Spiders, such as the wolf spider, who don't have a wicked bite or build nests, can also ruin a relaxing day. You might be enjoying the sunset or basking in the moonlight when a large wolf spider dashes across your feet as it chases down its next meal. Wolf spiders running across your feet will send you, or your children, running into the house. 

Why Spiders Chose To Cover Our Outdoor Spaces In Webbing 

Spiders build cobwebs in your outdoor spaces to catch and prepare their prey. Exterior spaces are where you will find most insects and potential victims for the spiders. Bugs are attracted to outdoor locations for the following reasons:

  • Flowers
  • Landscape Plants
  • Outdoor Lights
  • Shelter
  • Water

Flowering plants attract bees, which attract garden orb weaver spiders, flower spiders, crab spiders, and other web-building spiders. Some types of spiders capture and eat wasps like the paper wasp, which builds its nest under eaves and on porch ceilings.

While landscape plants create a refreshing and enjoyable outdoor space, they can also attract insects that attract spiders. The problem is not healthy plants but the failure to maintain the plants resulting in decaying vegetation at the plant base. Bugs are drawn primarily to the rotting vegetation, and spiders are attracted to the bugs. 

Another reason for spiders in outdoor spaces is the use of artificial lights on your porch, deck, or poolside, and with the insects come the spiders. Spiders are not necessarily attracted to the outdoor space due to the light; instead, they come to the location due to the insects. 

Finally, some insects like cockroaches, termites, ants, mosquitos, and earwigs are attracted to moist areas or standing water. An elevated deck not ventilated will be attractive to insects. Also, if a nearby ditch is not draining or there is a retention pond on or near the property, you will have problems with insects and spiders.

The Secret To Keeping Your Outdoor Spaces Spider-Free

There are a few simple steps to reduce the spider population in your outdoor area. Actions to decrease the outdoor area spider population include:

  • Removing flowering plants from the location.
  • Maintaining landscape plants by removing dead vegetation.
  • Removing food crumbs from the outdoor area.
  • Using LED lights or bug lights in outdoor areas.
  • Ensure proper ventilation under decks.
  • Provide drainage for nearby ditches and low-lying areas.

While all these steps will be beneficial, they need to be combined with the expertise and tools of the professional team at Bugs & Beyond, LLC. To be effective, you need experts who can get rid of spider eggs. We will treat your outdoor areas so you can have fun in the sun, spider-free.