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Pool Enclosure Pest Control Can Be A Tricky Problem To Tackle

July 31, 2022 - Pool Care

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Having a pool in your Englewood yard is an excellent feature as it allows you to relax and cool down in the hot summer sun. However, while a pool might be a lovely element to include in your yard, it can attract some unwanted visitors. Many pests will get into or around your pool as they look for a place to cool down or get water. Unfortunately, protecting your pool area from pests in Englewood can be challenging, especially without assistance from experts.

Fortunately, there is reliable help to be had. Our pest control professionals at Bugs & Beyond, LLC have the experience and tools necessary to prevent and remove common pool enclosure pests. Here's what you need to know!

Types Of Pests Typically Found Inside Pools

Many pests prefer humidity and need a place to rest from the heat in the summer. Even larger pests such as rodents or wildlife may come around your pool enclosure looking for shade or to take a swim, but the most common poolside pests are insects and spiders. Here are a few of the most common pool pests in both of these categories:

  • Pool Insects: Mosquitoes are common around pools because they lay their eggs in standing water. Mosquitoes are particularly problematic because they can spread diseases through their bites. You could also see backswimmers, which can bite. 
  • Pool Spiders: Since pool areas attract insects, they also attract spiders. Types of spiders in Englewood hunt down their insect prey, and species like the orb-weaver and wolf spider can infest pool enclosures. However, the black widow spider is the most concerning species.

Having a pest infestation around your pool can ruin all the fun. Luckily, there are things you can do to stop a pest problem before it starts.

Stopping Pest Problems Around Your Pool Before It Starts

While it might seem like there's nothing you could do to keep pests away from your pool, this isn't the case. Home pest control options are the easiest and most effective way to deter poolside pests before they begin. Our team at Bugs & Beyond, LLC offers treatment plans for the pool and surrounding area, including any furniture or awnings. These options stop bugs and spiders in their tracks. Our experts can also provide screen repair and know how to clean pool cages, to keep your pool enclosure secure and clean.

And, if you already have a pest problem around your Englewood pool, we can remove it now before it worsens.

Ignoring A Pest Problem Around Your Pool Could Make It Worse

If you've spotted insects or spiders in or around your pool, the best thing to do is act quickly. Not doing anything will result in a more extensive infestation that's harder to control. DIY pest control doesn't always work well, but our Englewood pest control technicians can remove a pool enclosure pest infestation in no time and keep these pool invaders from returning.

Pool Enclosure Pest Control Made Easy For Englewood Residents

When pest infestations are around your pool, don't wait. Our team at Bugs & Beyond, LLC is here with the preventive services you're looking for and the tools to eradicate any existing infestation. We realize how frustrating it is when you can't even enjoy your yard, so we offer reliable ongoing pest services. Our screen repair services can also keep pests out of your screened areas, as well as pressure washing to keep your pool area looking great this summer.

It's easy to get started as all you need to do is reach out online or call us on the phone. Contact us today to request an inspection of your pool or for a quote.