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How To Keep Your Pool Area Mosquito-Free In Englewood

March 20, 2023 - Mosquitoes

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The biggest problem for Englewood pest control specialists in the spring and summer is mosquitoes. Mosquito control requires an attentive homeowner, especially if you have a pool. Otherwise, your pool will become a nesting ground for these blood-sucking nuisances. Continue reading to learn how to keep your pool mosquito-free this year.

The Life Cycle Of Common Mosquitoes

For most mosquitoes, their lives begin as larvae in pools of stagnant water. These larvae turn into pupae, which grow into adults in the span of two to three days, after which they are fully grown and flying away from the pool of water in search of food. The life cycle of common mosquitoes, from egg to adult, takes place over the course of eight to ten days. Adult males will live for several more days, while the females can live for up to two months, during which time they will lay more eggs and repeat the cycle.

Are All The Mosquitoes In Englewood Dangerous?

Not every mosquito in Englewood is dangerous to humans, and the vast majority of bites are itchy and annoying but otherwise harmless. That said, mosquitoes are considered to be the most dangerous animal on the planet, as they are responsible for the highest number of deaths each year.

Many types of mosquitoes do not affect humans, preferring to target animals or birds. Of the species that do target humans, only the females bite. They do this because our blood facilitates their reproductive process.

Mosquitoes are vectors of numerous diseases across the planet. While many of these diseases are not carried by local mosquitoes, you can potentially be exposed to West Nile virus, dengue, chikungunya, and other diseases through mosquito bites. While cases are rare in the United States, it is still best to take measures to reduce your contact with mosquitoes.

Proactive Tips To Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your Pool

The best medicine for a mosquito bite is preventing it from happening in the first place. Keeping mosquitoes away from your pool can be challenging, but there are some steps you can take.

  • Remove or reduce excess vegetation around your pool. Overgrown grass, bushes, and other plants can provide ideal resting areas for mosquitoes.
  • Get rid of any stagnant water in your yard. Mosquitoes can breed in even small quantities of water.
  • Use citronella candles, fans, and mosquito-repelling plants around your pool.

To protect yourself from bites, you should also use insect repellent and wear clothes that cover as much skin as possible when you’re not in the pool. For the most comprehensive mosquito protection, consider regular mosquito treatments for your property.

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Home And Yard

Unfortunately, mosquitoes are persistent pests that are difficult to avoid, even with the best prevention tactics. The only way to really make a significant dent in mosquito populations in your yard is to opt for professional mosquito treatments. Luckily, Bugs & Beyond have a safe and effective solution to your mosquito problem.

At Bugs & Beyond, we use organic mosquito control products that are tough on mosquitoes but safe for your family and the environment. We provide monthly exterior treatments in which we’ll mist mosquito hotspots, such as tall grasses, thick vegetation, standing water, the perimeter of your home, and your pool cage. Contact us today to learn more about our mosquito control services in Englewood.