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How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Englewood Pool Cage Year-Round

January 15, 2023 - Spiders

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Having a pool enclosure means year-round protection for your family, reducing pest problems and providing a barrier to intrusive pests like mosquitoes and different types of spiders. But an enclosure is not guaranteed protection. Spiders and other, smaller pests can get inside your enclosure and make themselves at home, so adding high-quality pest control is recommended as an extra barrier to keep your family and pets safe as you enjoy your pool and patio spaces.

To stay safe, contacting an Englewood pest control company is important, and Bugs & Beyond specializes in protecting pools, lanais, and patios from spiders. Contact us now to find out why we’re one of the best providers in the area.

Can Pressure Washing Tear My Pool Cage?

Pressure washing is safe for pool cages if it’s done correctly; however, there are certain criteria that need to be met for it to be done safely so that the pool enclosure is not damaged. There are many DIY guides online on how to pressure wash your pool cage, but, although it’s safe to do, there’s a specific way to do it, so it should be done by a professional service. Bugs & Beyond offers pool cage pressure washing. Contact us for a quote.

Finding Spider Entry Points Around Your Pool Cage

Although pool cages help to deter spiders, they are far from a perfect answer, thus it is recommended that homeowners take advantage of a high-quality pest elimination process to keep spiders, pests, and wildlife out of pool enclosures.

Our experienced technicians at Bugs & Beyond begin with a thorough inspection of your property to find any entry points pests may use to enter your enclosure, assessing these points and applying targeted perimeter treatments around the exterior of your pool cage.

Problems Associated With Spiders Around Your Pool 

Pool enclosures are beneficial in protecting your pool and patio area from pests and invasive wildlife, but they aren’t a foolproof measure. The dangers of Florida spiders finding their way into your pool cage and nesting are great since there are several dangerous spiders indigenous to our area.

Spiders hide in many places, usually preferring secluded areas such as dark corners, under furniture items, and beneath deck chairs or tables. Any type of furniture in your pool area can be a harborage spot for spiders, so it is imperative to check items before moving them since some of these arachnids have venomous, painful bites.

A proper pest control plan will eliminate invasive pests, including beetles, wasps, and mosquitoes, and will make your pool enclosure safer and increase its longevity for you and your family, to decrease the likelihood of painful spider bites. Bugs & Beyond will get rid of spiders, and make plans to prevent future spider breeding, reinforcing the protection of your pool area. Additionally, we offer many other pool cage services including screen repair and pressure washing.

Professional Services For Spider-Free Pool Cages

A spider-free pool area in Englewood is important to ensure the safety of your home, family, and pets, and Bugs & Beyond knows how to keep spiders away from these areas and is dedicated to using a combination of green, natural products to make your recreational spaces safe and spider-free. Our organic treatments enable us to care for your entire pool space in one visit to ensure your safety and ease your mind. Call us now to access our 48-hour service. Our technicians will be there within two days of your initial call. We’ll get your Englewood pool enclosure spider free or your money back — guaranteed.