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How Important Is Professional Pool Cage Maintenance In Englewood

November 15, 2022 - Pool Cages/Enclosures

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Florida not only has tourist attractions ranging from theme parks, the Everglades, and cruise ship ports, but it is a great place to live. People move to Florida, and cities like Englewood, to enjoy our year-round warmer weather, inviting work environments, and lower cost of living. 

Because of our warmer climate, many homeowners have installed swimming pools to soak in the sun. A swimming pool promises an escape from the daily grind, but it doesn't mean you can escape from pests. If insects, spiders, and other pests are a problem in your pool enclosure, secure the professionals who specialize in pool cages; the Englewood pest control team from Bugs & Beyond, LLC. As a leading service provider for pest control in pool enclosures, we will solve your pool enclosure pest problem. Please keep reading to learn what we do and how we can help you. 

Types Of Pool Enclosures You Can Find In Englewood

High-sightline pool enclosures are the most popular in the Englewood area. The three basic designs of these popular enclosures are the mansard, doom, and gabled. The mansard designs consist of cages with flat tops and sides. In doom roof designs, all sides are gradually sloped toward the middle to create a doom. The gable roof or A-frame is the most popular design. Unlike the other designs, this one does not need to be attached to your Englewood home. This design may be all glass, screened, or a combination of both; it may also have a tiled or shingled roof. Because high-sightline pool enclosures may be one or two stories, can accommodate many people for entertaining, and are often decorated with plants and food areas, these types of pool enclosures attract pests. 

Repairing Broken Screen Can Help Keep Pests Out

Warmth, water, food, and shelter attract pests to pool enclosures. The warmer temperature inside a pool cage attracts insects and spiders. Insects enter the protected space through holes or gaps between the screens and the structure. Spiders eat insects like cockroaches, flies, moths, butterflies, fleas, mosquitoes, aphids, and other spiders. When these insects infest your pool area, spiders follow and enter through the same holes and gaps the insects used. 

If you have asked why are there spiders in the pool cage, another reason is that they prefer the temperatures above 70℉ or higher found in pool houses. Furthermore, these enclosures protect pests from weather elements attracting black and brown widow, fishing, wolf, and other spiders. 

If you have spiders and insects in the pool enclosure, do the following: 

  • Fix or replace broken screen panels and doors.
  • Caulk gaps where the screens have separated from the house.
  • Install door sweeps under the exterior doors. 

Screen repair is necessary to maintain a pest-free environment in your pool enclosure. 

Keep Pool Enclosures Clean To Fully Enjoy Your Outdoor Space 

Food is the main attraction for insects and spiders in the pool area. Maintaining clean surroundings in the enclosure will discourage pests from entering. After entertaining or spending a relaxing evening swimming, sweep the area and remove all food products. If you want easy access to food, keep it stored in airtight containers. When you clean the enclosure, suction out the corners and along the base of the enclosure frame using a vacuum. 

While plants provide an aesthetic and calming presence, they attract bugs. If you want plants in the area, inspect them regularly to remove dead leaves and stems. 

Professional Services To Help Maintain Pool Cages In Englewood

Since you swim and entertain in your pool area, you need a company specializing in pest control for pool enclosures, Bugs & Beyond, LLCFor your protection, our technicians use natural and green products to treat doors, windows, crossbeams, and other areas in the enclosure. Contact us today and request your free quote.