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Help! There Are Wolf Spiders Invading My Outdoor Space In Englewood

September 30, 2022 - Spiders

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Books, movies, and other forms of entertainment have traditionally depicted spiders as dangerous and eerie creatures that fuel anxiety. In fact, some individuals develop a recognized condition called arachnophobia based on this perception. Fortunately, spider bites that result in dangerous reactions are rare. 

Belonging to the class Arachnida, along with ticks and scorpions, spiders exist in more than 40,000 different species and live in most regions of the world. Spiders have a two-part body structure with eight legs and multiple eyes. As predatory creatures, spiders have fangs called chelicerae that will inject a paralyzing venom into their prey.  

In the realm of nature, spiders help reduce the population of many troublesome insects that might pose health risks and damage crops. Some creatures, including birds and lizards, consume spiders, making them a natural part of the food chain. 

One of the most common spiders that homeowners in Englewood encounter are the wolf spider. Can wolf spiders kill you? Although wolf spiders produce venom and may bite humans, very harmful reactions are unlikely. A human may experience allergic reactions and need medical attention in rare cases. 

A properly trained Englewood pest control professional will understand how to eliminate spiders and many of the best practices for preventing them from returning to the premises. A spider prevention specialist can propose an ongoing protection plan that involves regular treatment visits.

Wolf Spiders: Identification & Habits 

The wolf spider may range in length from ¼ of an inch to nearly two inches and have three “rows” of eyes. The wolf spider directly attacks types of prey, unlike spiders that produce webs for ensnaring insects and other food sources. 

Wolf spiders often are misidentified because they have a similar appearance to grass spiders and brown recluse spiders. A wolf spider has striped body marking that may camouflage them in natural surroundings. 

How long do wolf spiders live? The females create sacs of eggs that they typically carry on their backs in the earliest stage of development. 

After hatching from eggs, male wolf spiders may live for up to one year, and females may live for multiple years. 

Where Wolf Spiders Prefer To Hang Around Homes

Where do wolf spiders live in natural outdoor areas? Wolf spiders in Englewood usually remain near the ground and hide beneath rocks, logs, and most types of vegetation. Property owners often unexpectedly come across wolf spiders in yard areas, including patios, sheds, and garages. 

Four Expert Tactics On Dealing With Wolf Spider Infestations 

Local property owners should learn about the various methods that will reduce the likelihood of encountering spiders in exterior areas of their property and ways of ousting existing spiders. Some of the best practices for handling wolf spiders include: 

  1. Unlike web-producing spiders, wolf spiders often hide in small crevices waiting for prey to ambush; therefore, use a durable, weather-resistant caulk or sealant to fill holes, cracks, or gaps along the base of the home, patios, decks, etc.
  2. Take steps to prevent and eliminate the many creatures that wolf spiders consume, such as ants, beetles, and more. 
  3. Bright exterior lights attract flies, beetles, earwigs, and other pests that have positive phototaxis. Consider replacing the bulbs in these fixtures with the yellowish L.E.D. bulbs that are much less attractive to these types of prey. 
  4. Remove unnecessary clutter or debris from the outdoor areas, including firewood and vegetation that provide shelter for wolf spiders.

Keep in mind that no preventative measures or treatment options will demonstrate 100% effectiveness in outdoor settings; however, adhering to these best practices will significantly reduce the population of these pests.

Total Spider Prevention For Outdoor Spaces In Englewood

The trained experts with Bugs & Beyond, LLC understand the characteristics and behavior of wolf spiders and the many other species found in this region. Englewood-area homeowners are encouraged to contact our office today for assistance.