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Help! There Are Bugs Inside My Englewood Pool!

May 30, 2022 - Pool Care

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There are many perks to having a pool on your property. Whenever you see fit, you could take a dip. Many people go swimming to have some physical activity or exercise. Others do it to relax or release stress. Sometimes it’s for fun, especially if you have a party and include others with balls and toys. However, there are an equal amount of downsides with pools. The maintenance can be pretty tedious, and the water can invite pests like springtails.

Pest control in Englewood is needed to get rid of springtails and similar water insects. These critters can infest the space and even your adjacent home or business. A few can distribute diseases or give bites. Find out how you can avoid these issues and combat these creepy crawlers.  Bugs & Beyond offers water insect and springtail treatment in Englewood.

Ten Types Of Swimming Pool Bugs

Unfortunately, multiple types of pool bugs exist. Here’s a shortlist of them:

  1. Springtails
  2. Mosquitoes
  3. Gnats
  4. Water Boatmen
  5. Predaceous Diving Beetles
  6. Water mites
  7. Backswimmers
  8. Thrips
  9. Giant Water Bugs
  10. Water Striders

These specimens vary in size, color, and shape. Several are an inch or more long, with dark shading and an oval form. Many of them are less than an inch, light-toned, or elongated. One commonality is their reliance on water, algae, and humidity to survive. Fluid is usually vital to the feeding and reproduction of these pests.

At a minimum, pools will be of interest because of their installed lights. Surrounding vegetation or rotting organic matter can bring them around as well. If the critters go indoors, they’ll assemble in laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other spots with a moisture source.

Deterring Bugs That Are Drawn To Pools

Taking action to discourage water insects must not be taken lightly. Don’t hesitate to contact professionals who will have the best interventions. Infestations proliferate, and various species can attract each other in a feasting war.

These pests can cover or fly across the surface of your pool, making it unappealing to be in. Not to mention the smells they have. Some cause pain, itching, and venom exposure with their bites. They could stick to your skin too.

The Best Way To Naturally Deter Bugs From Your Pool & Patio

Ways to prevent or get rid of springtails and fellow pool bugs are: 

  • Use a skimmer to remove pests from the top of the pool. 
  • Cut down on loose organic matter in the water with chlorine tablets.
  • Utilize a pool vacuum to absorb debris from the sides and floor. 
  • Sit greenery at least 10 feet away from swimming areas, and cut back overhanging tree branches. 
  • If possible, have lights at 30 feet from the pool.
  • Lessen standing water in the vicinity.

Trying commercial insecticides and “do-it-yourself” product mixtures aren’t advised. Since their effectiveness is limited, the items being so expensive is unacceptable. Also, they can be dangerous to use. The chemicals may be harsh. Further, confusing instruction labels might lead to misapplication.

You should keep in mind that all bugs react to treatments differently. A professional would have the knowledge and expertise to choose the right avenue based on species.

Pest Control For Your Pool Area In Englewood Made Easy

We at Bugs & Beyond have specialized services for pool pest management. Our highly-trained technicians will use industrial-grade organic solutions that are safe for domestic animals and children. Our water insect and springtail treatment in Englewood consists of backpack systems, misters, liquids, and more. Call us today for a custom quote!