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Everything You Should Know About Pool Cage Maintenance In Englewood

December 15, 2022 - Pool Cages/Enclosures

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A pool cage is the ultimate solution to keeping pests outside your outdoor living area. They allow you to enjoy your home's benefits without being bugged. There are certain things you can take care of yourself, such as running your pool filter to avoid having stagnant water and making sure chemicals are at an appropriate level. The pool cage is designed to keep pests from ever entering this area. Knowing how to keep up with the maintenance of a pool cage is very important to keep pests out. If you are dealing with any issues with pests inside your pool cage, Englewood pest control professionals are here to help. 

Signs Your Pool Cage Will Need Repair Soon

Pool cages are great additions to any Florida home. However, it's essential to know the signs that it might be time to get a new pool cage. Here are some of the common ways to tell that it's time to replace your pool cage

  • It's damaged.
  • The screen has changed. 
  • It feels outdated. 
  • You want a new one. 
  • Bugs are getting into your pool. 

If bugs are biting you while you're trying to enjoy a swim in the pool, it's a telltale sign that your pool cage is not working correctly. Investing in a new pool cage can prevent bugs, cutting down on pool cleaning and bites. 

How To Spot Weak Spots On Your Screen

Inspecting the cage frequently will save money and time in the long run by correcting issues before they become more significant. Take the time to walk around the cage regularly, checking for signs of damage. If you find any problems, contact the professionals for repairs right away. At Bugs & Beyond, LLC, we are proud to offer some of the best pest inspection and removal services for enclosed pool areas. We use a combination of experience and practical knowledge to uncover the root cause of your issue.

Why You Should Never Ignore Holes In Your Screen

Some pests like to chew through pool cage screens, and it's not just rodents that can be the culprits. Some signs of pests in your pool cage include tears or holes in various materials, pest droppings, shed skins, and debris left in the pool or eggs. Knowing which pest is doing the damage can help determine how to stop even more holes in your screen. Some potential pests that could be chewing holes in your screen include rodents, wasps, grasshoppers, and crickets. Depending on the damage to the screen, it may need replacement. Upgrading to a heavy-duty, pest-resistant mesh or metal can also help protect your screen from pests in the future. The other issue with having holes in the net is that it creates an opportunity for other problems to find their way into your outdoor area. Ensuring you get the damaged screen repaired quickly allows for all holes and pest access points to be reduced. Whether you have seen a pest or signs of their presence make you assume you have an active infestation, it's vital to seek pest control assistance immediately. 

Total Pool Cage Maintenance Services With Bugs & Beyond, LLC

At Bugs & Beyond, LLC, we are one of the leading pest specialists in Western Florida. We specialize in pest treatments, sprays, and natural fogging services to ensure your outdoor space is yours to enjoy. Don't share your space with nuisance or dangerous pests. Instead, let the professionals from Bugs & Beyond, LLC help you keep your pool and outdoor areas free of common local pests so that you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. 

Bugs & Beyond, LLC is Englewood's premier pool enclosure pest specialist. Call today to request an appointment or sign up online, and we will waive your startup costs.