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Englewood's Guide To DIY Pest Control In Spring

April 05, 2023 - Pest Control

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Positioned on Florida’s western coast just south of Tampa, Englewood is an excellent location for people to call home. Unfortunately, many unwanted types of pests also enjoy what this city has to offer, which is bad news for many local homeowners.

Frustrated property owners often respond to pest intrusions by trying so-it-yourself products sold in local home improvement stores. Stores cleverly market these sprays, traps, and baiting systems to residential consumers as a “quick and easy” way of solving their problems. Many of these store-bought options prove ineffective and often only generate short-term results. 

Are you looking for dependable pest control solutions? A local Englewood pest control company like Bugs & Beyond understands the safest ways of performing professional pest control services. After solving your existing pest-related problem, these experts will often make recommendations regarding the best preventative measures.  

The Types Of Pests That Invade Englewood Homes

Today, local pest control professionals receive inquiries from Englewood-area homeowners encountering a variety of unwanted pests. Two of the most problematic types are mosquitoes and spiders, which routinely invade outdoor areas around homes in residential settings.

Aside from acting as a nuisance, both of these creatures could pose health risks. Mosquitoes, in particular, can transmit harmful diseases, and it’s best to avoid letting them hang around your house.

The Many Problems Pests Can Create In A Home

Throughout recent history, mosquitoes remain among the primary public health concerns among state and local agencies in Florida. With our warm and humid climate, mosquitoes usually thrive here in Englewood. Some of the most common health risks that mosquitoes pose among humans include the West Nile virus and yellow fever. Among animals, these pests may spread equine encephalitis and parasitic heartworms.  

Redback spiders, commonly called Australian black widows, are a species sometimes encountered in this region. The species can deliver a painful and potentially harmful bite that you should avoid if possible. 

Six DIY Springtime Pest Prevention Tips

Are you facing a troublesome pest infestation on your property? This spring, consider adopting some of the following best practices for preventing unwanted pests:

  1. Homeowners should limit bright outdoor lighting near entryways, as it attracts various types of flying pests that spiders eat. 
  2. Always place trash containing food scraps inside durable garbage containers with a lid that fits properly.
  3. Thoroughly clean up all remnants following cookouts or picnics in yard areas.
  4. Never place pet food bowls in exterior areas such as on decks or patios. 
  5. Limit standing water by removing buckets, tarps, and kiddie pools. 
  6. Promptly repair leaky hoses and spigots and keep the gutter systems clean to limit moisture.

The majority of property owners in Englewood that successfully limit the presence of mosquitoes, spiders, and other unwanted pests adopt sound, common-sense strategies. When pest-related problems arise, always seek assistance from a local pest control expert like Bugs & Beyond. 

The Best Pest Control For Your Home

Are you a property owner in Englewood in need of quality pest control services? Today, local pest control specialists maintain a host of viable treatment options.

Bugs & Beyond is proudly a family-owned company that provides pest control and pool enclosure services throughout this region. Our team of experienced technicians uses specialized treatments around pool, porch, and patio areas without endangering your family or pets.

When our technicians arrive on the premises, they will perform a detailed inspection of the property. This assessment allows for properly identifying any conditions that encourage pests. Our staff is well-equipped and often deploys organic solutions that will not harm other members of the natural environment, such as hummingbirds or bumblebees. 

Our experts use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies when possible that involves a comprehensive approach that ensures safety. IPM practices consider how certain creatures interact with the physical environment and the role that nature plays in their lifecycle. IPM advocates also encourage cost-effective pest control solutions, which is vital in large-scale agricultural environments and similar applications. Contact us today for further details.