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Are You Struggling To Keep Your Englewood Patio Pest-Free?

November 30, 2022 - Patio Pest Control

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After arriving home after a long day at work or running errands, most want to change into comfortable clothes, grab a glass of their favorite beverage and relax. Because our fall and winter Florida temperatures are mild, many people like to sit on the back deck and enjoy the sunset while relaxing after a long day. The one thing that can disrupt and end our time outdoors is patio pests. 

Pests come in many forms and can invade in great numbers requiring the help of a family-owned and operated Englewood pest control company like Bugs & Beyond, LLC. We have been removing pests from patios, lanais, and pool enclosures for many years; we can stop patio pests from ruining your relaxing time on the porch. Please continue reading to learn about the creatures that invade patios and what to do about them.

What Kind Of Pests Can You Expect To Find On Your Patio

The world is full of thousands of pest species, and some would argue that most of them live in Florida! Common pests on patios are the following:

  • Mosquitoes: We all know the experience of being driven inside due to these biting, erratic creatures.
  • Spiders: Some spiders like to build webs where airflow is present so they can snare insects, and porches provide the perfect venue. Other spider species build nests under the deck but come to the topside when hunting prey. 
  • Fleas: If you have pets that play in the yard, they may be transporting fleas onto the patio, where they will jump onto you!
  • Carpenter ants: If your patio has wood support columns, a wood floor, or other wood areas, carpenter ants may be inside the wood. 
  • Termites: If the patio has wood beams touching the soil, subterranean termites may be munching away beneath your feet. 
  • Stinging insects: Paper wasps like to build nests hanging from the patio ceiling. If you eat in the patio area, you probably have yellow jackets milling around too. 
  • Ants: These insects will crawl onto patios to forage for food and to take shelter in the cracks. 

There is a variety of pests that invade Florida patios throughout the year. Because there is no way to counter all these creatures, you need Bugs & Beyond, LLC, the best pest control in Englewood.

Seven Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Patio Pests 

In addition to the eradication services provided by Bugs & Beyond, LLC, here are seven steps you can take to get rid of insects on your patio:

  1. Replace incandescent lights with LED or bug lights.
  2. Close window shades facing the area.
  3. Remove cobwebs in the corners. 
  4. Keep support beams painted.
  5. Remove the plants.
  6. Eliminate objects that collect water.
  7. Keep the patio clean.

Implementing these steps prevents spiders on the patio because it discourages insects, their main prey, from entering the area. Removing items that hold water will stop mosquitoes from breeding on the patio; keeping the location clean will discourage stinging insects from flying around. 

How To Keep Patio Pests In Englewood From Coming Back 

Once technicians from Bugs & Beyond, LLC have pressure washed the patio and treated the area with natural ingredients, you can keep the pests from returning by sweeping the patio regularly — especially after eating on it. Other prevention tips include providing proper drainage to nearby downspouts and ditches, keeping the lawn and patio free from debris, pruning back nearby shrubs and trees, and keeping them away from the patio. 

Professional Patio Pest Control Services In Englewood

Bugs & Beyond, LLC. are pool enclosure, patio, and lanai pest prevention specialists. We will get rid of patio pests so you can enjoy your patio. Contact us today and request your custom quote.