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A Natural Spider Control Solution For Your Pool Enclosure In Englewood

April 22, 2022 - Spiders

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If you enclosed your pool, you likely did it to maximize your opportunity to enjoy your hard-earned investment. However, having a swimming spot at your home is not fun if you are doing battle with spiders. The good news is that spiders do not need to be guests at your pool party! If you don't want these arachnids crashing your fun in the sun, let Bugs & Beyond be your solution for natural spider control

The Role Spiders Play In Englewood's Ecosystem 

Although they may appear to be more of a nuisance, spiders are a necessary component in controlling the insect population in Englewood. Due to their large abdomens, spiders can eat several insects in a short time. Spiders can eat more than insects. As predatory arthropods, spiders eat meat from frogs, reptiles, birds, and lizards. 

Spiders in Florida, such as the southern black widow, eat wasps and praying mantis, both of which you may have in your pool enclosure. The wolf spider helps control the insect population by preying on smaller spiders and other insects. Other spiders common in Florida eat moths, mosquitos, flies, leafhoppers, and more.

The Problem With Spiders Hanging Around Your Pool Enclosure 

Other than spider webs around your pool enclosure, the main problem is the potential of venomous spiders harming you, your family, or your family pets. Some of the poisonous spiders in Florida include: 

  • Southern Black Widow
  • Northern Black Widow
  • Red Widow
  • Brown Recluse

Although spiders tend to flee from humans, they will bite if they are cornered or squeezed. A wound from a widow spider may result in severe pain, cramping, nausea, excessive sweating, increased blood pressure, or fainting. 

In addition to the threat of falling ill due to a bite from a widow spider is their webs. Other spider types that like to build webs in sheltered areas include orb weaver spiders. Although their round webs are a work of art, seeing a web with insects trapped waiting to be the meal is not a pretty sight. Also, no one wants to run into the webs when going out for a late-night swim. 

Factors That Make Your Pool Enclosure A Spider Hot Spot 

There following are several factors that can make the pool enclosure attractive to spiders:

  • Landscaping Inside Pool Enclosures: The presence of plants adds life and energy to the pool area, but they are a magnet for insects that attract spiders. 
  • Artificial Lights At Night: Spiders go where they can find food. When you have the light on at night while swimming, you attract insects, thus inviting spiders.
  • Warmth And Shelter: Spiders like warm, sheltered areas. If they can find cracks or crevices, they will enter your enclosure.
  • Bugs And Insects: The presence of lights, food crumbs, and plants attract insects which draw spiders looking for a meal.

Due to cracks between the pool enclosure and the home, gaps under the screen doors, or weather stripping, pool enclosures are easily accessible to spiders. 

The Benefits Of Bugs & Beyond's Spider Fogging Service 

Easy entry points combined with the attraction of bugs, warmth, and shelter make pool enclosures appealing to spiders. Many spiders are nocturnal, and other than their webs, you may not know they are in the pool area until you get a bite. Like the wolf spider, other spiders don't build webs and hunt only at night, so you may never see them. 

Because spiders often hide in nooks and crannies and are often concealed during the day, the best solution is to utilize the organic, pet-friendly fogging techniques of Bugs & Beyond. Our fast-acting, effective fogging treatment has no side effects and will solve your spider problem in your Englewood pool enclosure.